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Mediheal W.H.P White Hydrating Black Mask EX

by katmus 2017-10-21
[ Brand ] I like
Good mask, many essences, slightly illuminating the skin and good moisturizing

PROUD MARY Azulene Complex 70% Ampoule

by JessicaR 2017-10-21
[ Brand ] Ingredients
Hi, I am wondering if this actually contains 70% azulene or not. Could you please list the ingredients information?

NATUREREPUBLIC Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

by CarmenEslie 2017-10-21
[ Brand ] Gram to ml
Hi, may I know is this the new packing? Coz my old orders actually are 300ml (I thought is roughly equivalent to 1:1 conversion).

Or may I know how many ml for this instead of g, thanks

THE FACE SHOP Milk&Shea Butter Creamy Body Wash [Hoodie Ryan]

by Janiceong 2017-10-20
[ Brand ] Restock
When the body wash will be restocked? Plss

THE FACE SHOP Cushion Case [Hoodie Ryan]

by mmharbi 2017-10-20
[ Brand ] refill 
hello ,
does it come with a refill ! or its only case ?
Thank you for your inquiry.
The case comes with 1 refill.

PrimaryRaw Soy Milk Facial Cream

by mahdiya 2017-10-20
[ Brand ] sale again? 
Hi, a while back you had a half price sale on the primary raw doyou soy milk cream. I missed that sale and was wondering will there be another sale anytime soon?

Thank you for your inquiry.
We offered the product at a half price due to its short shelf life.
For now we don't have any item which has short shelf life so this item is being sold at a full price.
Please understand this matter.

SK-II Facial Treatment Pitera Essence

by Bon_Bon 2017-10-19
[ Brand ] Volume of the product 
I would like to ask how much in ml is the product?
It is 160ml

APIEU Pure Block Aqua Sun Gel (SPF50+/PA+++)

by Selamat 2017-10-18
[ Brand ] Stock? 
When are ready to stock?
Sorry but unfortunately a new supply the brand has not been scheduled yet, which means the replenishment time will takes longer.
Please add the item to your WishList and you will be notified when it will be available again

Banila co Prime Primer Sun (SPF50+ PA+++)

by Moosefoto 2017-10-17
[ Brand ] Sun screen indredients 
I am interested to know what is the main sun green ingredient.
Thank you for your inquiry.
Main ingredients are Niacinamide, adenosine, White Flower Complex.

We provide the full ingredients list only in Korean :
정제수, 에칠헥실메톡시신나메이트, 부틸렌글라이콜, 에칠헥실살리실레이트, 부틸메톡시디벤조일메탄, 페닐벤즈이미다졸설포닉애씨드, 호모살레이트, 나이아신아마이드, 에칠헥실팔미테이트, 옥토크릴렌, 펜타에리스리틸디스테아레이트, 비스-에칠헥실옥시페놀메톡시페닐트리아진, 카프릴릭/카프릭트리글리세라이드, 아미노메칠프로판올, 소듐폴리아크릴레이트, 연꽃추출물, 쟈스민꽃/잎추출물, 마돈나백합비늘줄기추출물, 붓꽃추출물, 에델바이스꽃/잎추출물, 장미추출물, 프리지어추출물, 나팔수선화추출물, C12-15알킬벤조에이트, 에칠헥실스테아레이트, 글리세릴스테아레이트, 메칠메타크릴레이트크로스폴리머, 소듐스테아로일글루타메이트, 피이지-100스테아레이트, 폴리소르베이트60, 디프로필렌글라이콜디벤조에이트, 글리세릴카프릴레이트, 카프릴릴글라이콜, 피피지-15스테아릴에텔벤조에이트, 트리데세스-6, 아데노신, 잔탄검, 디소듐이디티에이, 페녹시에탄올, 향료

LANEIGE Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser

by Moosefoto 2017-10-17
[ Brand ] MY favorite! 
This is my one of my favorite Korean skin care brands! Specifically I love Multi Cleanser! Since I have an oily skin I need a good cleanser that would wash the makeup and sebum off. This one does it perfect without drying my skin!
Thank you for your review.
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