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IOPE Perfection Mascara

by Louie 2014-02-17
[ Brand ] IOPE perfection mascara 
Is it waterproof?
Hello! Yes, this product has the transparent film veil which covers eye lashes to minimize flakes and it won’t get removed by sweat and sebum easily. Enjoy your shopping!

Innisfree the green tea seed cream Mini size(5ml×3EA)

by cin82 2014-02-17
[ Brand ] Confused 
Just a little confused, if i order the above product will I be getting the green tea or the olive lotion??
Hello. Sorry for the confusion. We just edited the wrong image on the item page. If you order this item, "Innisfree the green tea seed cream Mini size" will be shipped. Enjoy your shipping!

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask

by HelloSanna 2014-02-17
[ Brand ] on lips? 
Can I use black sugar mask on my lips like a scrub?
Hello! In general it is not a good idea to use scrub kinds product to eye and lip area. And, the product description also says that you apply it around face while avoiding the eye line and lips. Enjoy your shopping!

Banila co Natural Face CC Cream (SPF30,PA++)

by edwinache 2014-02-16
[ Brand ] in stock 
when will the natural beige be in-stock?
Hello.This item has been discontinued since the production of this product has been stopped.
The other option, Light Peach, will be sold out soon. Enjoy your shopping!

SKINFOOD Steam Milk Mask Cream

by HelloSanna 2014-02-15
[ Brand ] do you clean off with water when you have apply it to the face or do you use it like a lotion? 
Hello! This item is "cream" product which you apply to your face softly at the last of skincare and make it absorb into skin. You don't need to wash this off later. Enjoy your shopping!

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

by Yves 2014-02-15
[ Brand ] Renewal package? 
Is there a 150 or 155ml. capacity?
because I saw in the original website, this product is 155ml. and has some design changed (compare with the picture in this page)
and what is the manufactured date/year or expired date/year?
Sorry for the confusion. The item has been renewed to 155ml product, same with the picture from the official website. We just edited the item page.
If you order this item, 155ml product will be sent.
By the way, we ensure that all products has a long use period. Hope you do not be anxious about that.
Enjoy your shopping!

ETUDE HOUSE AC Clinic Trial Kit

by Syaza 2014-02-14
[ Brand ] Restock 
Hi, is the product will be restock?
Unfortunately the brand supplier is out-of-stock for this item.
It will take some time to replenish the product, so please put it into your "Wish list" and you will be notified when it will become available again.

Nature republic Hand and Nature Hand Cream Set

by nikki8080 2014-02-10
[ Brand ] Lip balm set 

I've heard about Nature Republic's lip balm set and I'm wondering if you're going to sell that one, as well?

Thank you!
Hello. Please let us know the exact title of the set product, and we will find out the stock availability for you. Thank you!

ETUDE HOUSE Magic Tint Balm

by bbbb 2014-02-08
[ Brand ] Which one is red? 
Which one is "magic red" It's written on japanese.
Hello. The color option is now shown on its product description; No.1 Magic red, No.2 Magic Pink, No.4 Cherry Red. Please take a look! Enjoy your shopping!

Holika Holika Juicy Mask Sheet (Tomato) (5 sheets)

by bbbb 2014-02-06
[ Brand ] only one sheet mask? 
I was wondering if we would only get one or five.
Hello. This product consists of 5 sheets, and the volume of each sheet is 20ml. You get 5 sheets of this product when you buy one item. Enjoy your shopping!

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