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Snail Product?

It is used only mucin which is good for skin. It is effective to prevent drying of the skin
by preventing moisture loss from the environment. It regenerates rapidly the wound, sensitive skin acne. Also, it contains a natural chondroitin complex substance collagen and elastin, such as protein.

Product’s Advantage!

You can see the result for the skin care effect effective without irritation as it helps from native dermis the optimum combination of organic components and characteristics of the mucin. It absorbs into skin gently
and sensitive dry skin in particular, you
can have moister skin.
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Wish Talent Cosmetic SUNWOO COSME Snail Mucin Mask (10sheets)
4% OFF 18.49 USD17.76 USD
4% OFF 32.37 USD31.08 USD
4% OFF 41.62 USD39.95 USD
4% OFF 63.82 USD61.26 USD
4% OFF 9.25 USD8.88 USD
Wish Talent Cosmetic SUNWOO COSME Eye Patch + Face Mask (5sheets)
4% OFF 18.49 USD17.76 USD
4% OFF 32.37 USD31.08 USD
4% OFF 23.12 USD22.20 USD
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