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INSbyN Deep Aqua System Mask (~2021)

by nuttanan 2022-11-26
[ Brand ] the price 
i want know this price for 1 or per set? and 2021 is expiration date or manufacturing date?
Sorry. This product has been removed. It is expiration date

su:m37˚ Time Energy Moist Lip Balm. Set - Coral lip balm + red mini

by climaria 2022-11-18
[ Brand ] Lip balm real color 
What is the real color of the products. On picture I see lip balm with no color and rose color, but in the name of the product you write that coral color and red
SOrry for the confusion, We have updated the images of this product

AHC Real Platinum Ampoule 30 ml

by climaria 2022-11-18
[ Brand ] Expire date 
What is expire date of the product?
Current stock has exp date until May 10th, 2024

AHC Time Rewind Real Eye Cream Mask sheet.

by climaria 2022-11-18
[ Brand ] Expire date 
What is an expire date of the mask?
Current stock has exp date until Sept 13th, 2023

Peripera Double Long wear Cover Cushion 12 g (SPF45)

by helenaclaudia 2022-11-16
[ Brand ] stock availability 
is this product in stock? Shade 01 and shade 02
Unfortunately this product has been discontinued, and will not be available any more

A.H.C. Black caviar set of 5 types [tone, lotion, cream, eye cream, hyaluronic acid ampoule]

by climaria 2022-11-12
[ Brand ] expiration date 
Hello, please provide information about expiration date of this set
Expiration date: October 25th, 2023

9wishes Sun Moisturizer (SPF50 PA+++) 50ml

by Snewa 2022-11-12
[ Brand ] Expired date 
I want to ask about the expired date of this product , i want to know the specific date , thank you .
Expiration date: January 2025

HERA HD Perfect Powder Pact (SPF30/PA+++)

by AinKim_ 2022-10-30
[ Brand ] Expiry date 
When is expiry date for this item?
Expiry date: until August 2024

The history of Whoo Jinyulhyang Multi-stick 7g

by ooh_find 2022-10-18
[ Brand ] Multi Stick 
how this used for?

Moisturizing wrinkle care

: A one-step multi care balm that gives intensive whitening + wrinkle + moisture care.
: Moisture moisture + healthy glow + skin texture multi care.
: Rolling melts softly to give transparent and glossy glow.
: Moisture permeates for silky finish without stickiness.

▶ How to use

: At the last step of skin care, lightly apply to areas where dryness is noticeable. Reapply it whenever you need moisture while carrying it, or when you notice dryness.

Its skin Collagen Voluming Serum

by Shayonz 2022-10-15
[ Brand ] what collagen derive is it from? 
what collagen is it from? Pig? Fish? or plant collagen?
We are sorry,
unfortunately the manufacturer does not disclose the origin of the hydrolyzed collagen used in this product.

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