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Easydew Plus Double Hydra Cream

by picholine506 2018-08-01
[ Brand ] Easydew Plus Double Hydra Cream 

What is the concentration of the Sh-oligopeptide-1 in this product? Also, which one of your Easydew product has the highest concentration of Sh-oligopeptide-1?

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for your inquiry.
Among Easydew Plus line, this product contains the highest Sh-oligopeptide-1 (1ppm).

Missha All Around Safe Block Toning Sun Tension (SPF50+ PA++++)

by KyuWiam 2018-08-01
[ Brand ] Bronze skin 
Is it for bronze skin too because there's no color specified ?
Thank you for your inquiry.
As it is a sunscreen which can be used as a makeup base, it doesn't have a color option like other sun creams and it can give a tone up effect naturally. Jelly Pack Wholesale (33%)

by Thanpuii 2018-07-31
[ Brand ] jelly pack 
May i know the wholesale price of this product?
We are sorry but due to supply matter, the item is only available for b2c order.
Please kindly understand this matter.

Its skin Mango White Cleansing Foam

by reemkhalidbh 2018-07-31
[ Brand ] skin type - benefit 
its suite for all skin types or just oily skin ?
whats the benefits of this product?
Thank you for your inquiry.
It is suitable for combination skin type.
Mangosteen extract cares moist and soft skin by removing unnecessary dead skin cells.
For more information, please refer to the product description.

NATUREREPUBLIC Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Wholesale (51% Supply rate)

by Glyz 2018-07-29
[ Brand ] Shipping Fee 

How much would be the shipping fee per box to the Philippines?
1BOX weight 5KG

EMS Shipping to Philippines: $ 28.99USD

EMS shipping cost to Philippines for your reference:
(choose EMS shipping to your country to see the tariffs)

Please place your HOT DEAL order by sending email to the manager in-charge:
TEL : +82-70-8885-1490
Manager in charge: Mr. Kim

PETITFEE Gold Hydrogel Mask

by Long lyhour 2018-07-28
[ Brand ] Expiration date 
Can you tell me about petitfee hydrogel mask expiration date??
Note that we cannot tell you exact manufacture date, as we constantly get replenishment of our products.
All the supplies have different manufacture date.
But we assure you that all the products we ship out are fresh and have good expiry dates

OTTOGI Spaghetti Ramen(120g)

by Kelly133 2018-07-27
[ Brand ] Ramen instant noodles 
Do you ship ottogi noodles to Canada?
Thank you for your inquiry.
Yes, we ship to Canada.
But since Customs policies vary widely from country to country,
for more information, please refer to this link :

The Saem Saemmul Yum Yum Lip Syrup

by Breena 2018-07-27
[ Brand ] Colour options 
Hi! Interested in all colours however where are the colour options? Can’t seem to find the button. Thanks.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Please try it again.

Ciracle Red Spot White Serum

by Vith 2018-07-26
[ Brand ] Inquiry 
If this product is safe to use during pregnancy?
Thank you for your inquiry.
It can be used during pregnancy or breast feeding
but please understand that spot products can be a little stimulating for some people upon their skin type or skin condition.

Dr.Jart+ Dermask Rubber Mask (Nourishing Lover) [~20190201]

by Breena 2018-07-25
[ Brand ]
How many piece can I buy? 1 only? Can't seem to add into the cart
We are sorry but the item is sold out.

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