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HAAN Eyebrow Guide

by Sealy chan 2013-11-25
[ Brand ] its sold out? 
well I've been planning to buy this eyebrow guide since i really wanted like a korean shaped brow but its now sold out and i really want to know when it will be restocked or how long do products usually take time to restock?
Thanks for the inquiry. We would to introduce you some products like Hann's.

In meanwhile, we will try to restock them shortly.
Thanks for kind understanding and patience.

Jaminkyung Crema Caracol Cream Original De Caracol

by Nina86 2013-11-19
[ Brand ] For the Body? 
Hello, Can this cream be used on the body? I know it's says for face, but was wondering if it's safe to put the cream on my body.

Thank you!
Hi there.
Thanks for the inquiry, we believe that should be alright in most cases. However, if your skin is senstive, we do not suggest that would be a good ides.
Thanks for your kind understanding.


by shopaholic1190 2013-11-07
[ Brand ] When will this be back in stock ? 
Hello, do you know when you will get this product back in stock ? Thanks
Hi there.

We are sorry to inform you that, the product has been DISCONTINUED due to supplier. Thanks

HALUMAYBE No.1156 Stylish Onepiece Blouse

by Inarimari 2013-10-22
[ Brand ] Red tote bag on the photo 
Thank you for the answer! Can I ask what is name of this red bag's brand or company? I am very sorry if it is not correct to ask..
Hi there, Thanks for the inquiry and we would to help you but we can not with the bag in that picture. Becasue, we do not have any contract with them on accessaries from this company. Sorry about that.

TONY MOLY Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack

by velrozonzew 2013-10-21
[ Brand ] Disccount per quantity 
Hello, do you make any discount if I buy 20 or more? how much is the shipping to colombia,

thanks a lot
We are sorry to inform you that this board in only for procut's information only. If you have more inquiry please do so on our Q&A board whereas possible. Thanks for your kind understanding.

Its skin PRESTIGE Creme descargot BB SPF25 PA++

by 19910118zy 2013-10-19
[ Brand ] very good 
very good
Thank you very much for your kind review, We do appreciated it. Although would you mind to write your product review on the first review area please. So that some more customers can share it. Thank you for your good understanding.

TONY MOLY DR.Tony AC control Whitening Serum

by moonyuushin 2013-10-03
[ Brand ] Product restock? 
I'd like to know when will this product be restocked please?
I really need to buy it.
Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the inquries and we are sorry to inform you that, there will not be further restock due to DISCONTINUED by supplier. Thanks for your kind understanding and patience.

Innisfree the green tea seed cream

by eiko90 2013-09-29
[ Brand ] Innisfree the green tea seed cream 
is this for all skin type ?
Thanks for the inquiry and it sure it for ALL SKIN TYPE. As matter of fact, it is pretty mild so it is hard to have any trouble with this product . Also, it is good idea to use with the Green Tea Seed Serum to get the better result.

Thank you and enjoy the product~

BEYOND Deep Smoothing Conditoner 450ml

by larajuku1997 2013-09-26
[ Brand ] ingredients 
Can you provide an ingredients list for this product and other Beyond haircare products? A picture of the English ingredients list is ok.
Thanks for the inquiry.
These are the ingredients for this product.

Purified water, honey extract, cetearyl alcohol, behen Tree ammonium chloride, Penta-siloxane cycles, dimethicone, Meadow foam seed oil, olive oil, Shea Butter, propylene glycol, wheat germ oil, oat kernel extract, and a Tyumgeom in Clermont, Butylene Glycol, propolis extract, royal jelly extract, Water, Portulaca Oleracea extract, magnolia bark extract, green tea extract, Extract, wanggyul extract, chamomile flower / leaf extract, white willow bark, Extract, glyceryl stearate, PEG -100 Stearate, Citric, Acid, Triethanolamine, caprylic rilgeul Glycol, Fragrance.

The link Below is the list of BEYOND HAIR PRODUCT.

Enjoy shopping at Koreadepart!

Holika Holika Merry Holika All Over Face

by kpxgenie 2013-09-20
[ Brand ] When will this be in stock? 
When will this be in stock?
Thanks for the inquiry and we are sorry to inform you that it is DISCONTINUED due to supplier. Thank you

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