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OTTOGI 3minutes Beef Curry 200g

by raghad94 2018-12-06
[ Brand ] :) 
Does the product contain pig or alcohol ingredients?
Thank you for your inquiry.
It contains pork.

DONGWON Yangban Kimchi (160g)

by Jawaaa 2018-12-06
[ Brand ] Shipping to Saudi 
Can you shipping to Saudi
Thank you for your inquiry.
We ship to Saudi arabia via EMS, K-Packet and DHL.
For more information, please refer to this link :

Missha Cleansing Pad

by reemkhalidbh 2018-12-06
[ Brand ] Battery? 
It's contain with battery ?

If it's not can you please mention same cleanser with Battery?
Thank you for your inquiry.
It's a silicone pad without any electric device.

You may try below items.

TOSOWOONG 3D Smart Clean & Pore Brush

TOSOWOONG 4D Vibration Pore Brush

Innisfree Micro Perfect Cleanser

swanicoco 4D Natural Care Cleanser

Please note, due to custom matters we do not provide batteries.

Pyunkang Yul Mist Toner 100ml

by badredheadkawaii 2018-12-06
[ Brand ] pyunkang yul cleanser 500 ml and mist toner 200 ml - RESTOCK? 
please let me know if you'll restock both items, cause I really want buy both items
We are sorry but the items are not available on our website anymore.
Please kindly understand this matter.

Medi-Peel Royal Rose Modeling Pack 1kg

by Andrerenee 2018-12-05
[ Brand ] Expiry 
Hi May I know what is the expiry date for this item? Thanks
Note that we cannot tell you exact manufacture date, as we constantly get replenishment of our products.
All the supplies have different manufacture date.
But we assure you that all the products we ship out are fresh and have good expiry dates

Medi-Peel Black EXtream Modeling Pack 1kg

by Andrerenee 2018-12-04
[ Brand ] Measuring cup 
May I know does this product come with measuring cup and bowl?
Thank you for your inquiry.
It doesn't come with a measuring cup and bowl.

Medi-Peel Silky Tone-up Whitening Cream

by Tran75 2018-12-04
[ Brand ] Instruction 

Could you please tell me if I use this toneup after or before sunscrean cream? Can I use it before the makeup step?
Thank you
Thank you for your inquiry.
You can use it before makeup, sun cream.

Medi-Peel MISSCO Organic 100% Unrefined Baobab Oil

by apoz 2018-12-04
[ Brand ] restock 
when will this be restocked?
Unfortunately the brand itself is out-of-stock of this item, which means the replenishment time will takes longer.
Please add the item to your WishList and you will be notified when it will be available again.

FLOR de MAN Healax Eye Essence

by kiwi454 2018-12-02
[ Brand ] Is this in stock 
I want to know if this product is in stock right now, because, I purchased this product a while ago ( a month back) but then my money was refunded back to me. It does not say if its out of stock or sold out . I want to buy this item . Do you have it in stock at the moment .Kindly let me know.
We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience but sometimes supplies can
be delayed or postponed, which means those items are in-stock it just
the supply will take more time.
If there many items that are out-of-stock in your order then the
system will send you a notification e-mail to ask you if you want to
make replacements for sold-out items.
But if there is only insufficient number of items, In this case our
system refunds the item(-s) not to hold the rest of order
automatically, to avoid delays and overloads at our shipping
Please understand this matter.
If you don't want to be refunded automatically, please write to us after placing an order.
The item is available now.

Missha Glow Lip Blush

by DEMM 2018-12-01
[ Brand ] Sample 
I got sample of "Just Me". Is so cute. I gave to my daughter, she like it a lot. Good cover, stay for few hours.
Thank you for your review.
Please write a review on the review board.

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