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YE DAM YUN BIT Prime Luxury Gold 4pcs Special Set

by Tinjunji 2019-04-24
[ Brand ] Expire date
When this product expire date?

Missha Misa Gumsul Lotion

by Alicia_ 2019-04-22
[ Brand ] What's the difference between Skin and Lotion 
Hi, What's the difference between Misa Gumsul Skin and Misa Gumsul Lotion ?
Thank you for your inquiry.
Misa Gumsul Skin is a toner and lotion is an emulsion.
So use lotion after Misa Gumsul Skin.

Mediheal Secret Change Hair Color Cream

by jody99 2019-04-20
[ Brand ] With amonia 
Hi, its with amonia or without?
Thank you for your inquiry.
It contains ammonium glycyrrhizate, ammonium thioglycolate and ammonium hydroxide

[Beauty Haul] Beauty of Joseon Cream

by Mahanna85 2019-04-19
[ Brand ] Lovely Moisturizer 
The cream comes in a nice looking jar and the texture is light but not greasy which is best suited for normal to combination skin types. I would buy it again.
Thank you for your review.
Please write a review in the review board.

Innisfree Wrinkle Science Oil Serum

by MaryPitou 2019-04-19
[ Brand ] Which edge is suitable for for this product? 
May I know which edge is suitable for this product?

Since I am 25 years old and can I use it?
Thank you for your inquiry.
If you want to take care of wrinkles on your face,
you can use it regardless of age.

Innisfree Green tea seed cream

by Jums 2019-04-19
[ Brand ] Recommended 
Bought a lot of innisfree product. The green lines are the best. Love this cream
Thank you for your review.
Please write a review on the review board.

BEYOND Intensive Ampoule Mask - Collagen

by Haiduongnguyen 2019-04-18
[ Brand ] Wholesale 
I want to buy wholesale
Plz i have to contact with Who?
Thanks you!
If you want to place a reseller order,
please send the order list to our e-mail :
* Order sheet (product list) must contain exact Brand names and full
product/item titles including item codes or URL links, product options
(color, shade, flavor, etc.), exact quantities (EA).
Excel format file only.

After receiving your order list, we will set the price list with
Reseller discount and email you back your list.

Manager in charge: Mr. Kim

Holika Holika Jelly Dough Blusher [Holiday]

by Tamahi 2019-04-14
[ Brand ] Question about expiration date 
Hello, I'm planning to buy this blush in Nudie Jelly, but I'm curious about its expiration date.
Hope the expiration date won't be too short, since blush is a product hard to be used up in a short period.
Unfortunately we cannot tell you exact manufacture date, as you constantly get replenishment of our products.
All the supplies have different manufacture date.
But we assure you that all the products we ship out are fresh and have good expiry dates.
And the item should be used within 6 months after opening.

Miseenscene REAL Shampoo - Midnight Kiss

by Souranonymous 2019-04-14
[ Brand ] Sls? 
Does this contain sls? And how about the other miseenscene shampoos, do any of them contain sls?
Thank you for your inquiry.
Miseenscene shampoo doesn't contain SLS but it contains SLES.

Kerasys homme wax super hard (mat type) 80ml

by Craig 2019-04-12
[ Brand ] The smell 
I love the smell of this wax
Do you have any thing smells like that ?
Shampoo or anything
If you do plz contact me
We are sorry but as we don't have testers, we can't compare the scent with other products.
Please try other Kerasys products.

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